About Us

Pavlov Media is the flagship network provider in the MDU space but we began small. Mark Scifres founded the company when he was an engineering student at the University of Illinois. It was mostly him and occasionally a few other engineering students, wiring off-campus houses for this new thing called “data access” or Internet.

The company grew, eventually offering Internet services outside the state. The following year, the organization began offering video services—competition for the cable companies! That was a hit.

In time, Pavlov Media has earned patents on new technology, spent years developing a new way to bring very high speed Internet to residents and has become the largest private provider of broadband services in the MDU (multi-dwelling unit) space, providing Internet and cable television to hundreds of apartments, condos and student housing sites across the nation. Pavlov Media has picked up a few awards along the way. We’re a Microsoft Certified Partner several times over, an AT&T Solution Provider Champion and more.

We believe in using our experience to bring you great Internet services. Pavlov Media has designed, built and operated hundreds of networks for the best apartment buildings and student housing properties. We have centuries of combined experience on our staff. We believe that our experiences can rock your world!

We sweat the small stuff. Seriously. We want, more than anything, to build “Simply Exceptional Connections Nationwide.” And we know that to do that, we need to constantly sweat the details. People who sweat the small stuff and love their work build networks that make a difference for residents. 

Bryan Brooks installs wireless equipment

Bryan Brooks installs wireless equipment.

We’ve built networks all over the United States in small and large multi-tenant complexes, small towns and big cities. If you need help in designing and deploying solutions for your network, we are thrilled to help.

We strive to make the fastest networks available, and continue to build a national backbone that lets us maximize the resident experiences. In 2012, Pavlov Media launched our Tesseractiv™ Content Delivery Network that allows us to bring the most popular content to residents at speeds up to 1,000Mbps.

This map shows current locations and Colo's though additional construction is in process

This map shows current locations and Colo's though additional construction is in process.

At Pavlov Media, we believe it takes true courage and faith to change the world. It takes the courage to take our best shot at creating a better Internet. It takes faith that we have the skills and experience to serve our customers. It is reflected in the love we have for what we do.

It is a blast to work at Pavlov Media! It is our privilege to serve you.