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Wireless for the Future

Pavlov Media Enhances Network to Improve Web Page Loading Time

Pavlov Media is hosting a root domain name server on its network.  The DNS (Domain Name Server) root name server improves latency for end users of Pavlov Media’s networks.  Root DNS is a critical part of the Internet infrastructure.  DNS stores the names of websites visited by end users and is used on practically every web page.  Faster DNS lookup times equals faster web page load.

Pavlov Media’s network

Pavlov Media Launches Major Video Upgrade

Dish smartbox™ system is now being deployed

Pavlov Media, one of the nation’s largest private providers of Internet and cable TV services for multi-family real estate, announces it’s now deploying Dish-TV’s smartbox™ cable TV system at client sites.  Dish Network’s smartbox™ is a new digital, compact cable TV headend that provides the best possible experience to every TV at a property.  With the sm Read More...

Pavlov Media Connects Statesboro to 10 Gigabit (10,000 Mbps) Fiber Optic Network

Pavlov Media announces it has completed the first phase of fiber optic construction in Statesboro, Georgia.  This provides businesses and apartment complexes in Statesboro access to Pavlov Media’s national backbone.  The high capacity network delivers reliable speeds up to 10,000 Mbps to apartment residents and businesses in Statesboro.

Pavlov Media has been building and managing broadband networks Read More...

Pavlov Media Expands Network to include Los Angeles Colocation Facility

Pavlov Media announces the company added Los Angeles to its list of colocation facilities.  The new colo has one Gigabit capability which means the company is able to offer Gigabit speeds across southern California and part of surrounding states.  In addition to Los Angeles, Pavlov Media has colocation facilities in Dallas, Philadelphia, Tallahassee, and Minneapolis as well as 10 Gigabit Colocation Read More...

WebSnap Loads Websites Dozens of Times Faster Than Conventional Networks

WebSnap Loads Websites Dozens of Times Faster Than Conventional Networks

Pavlov Media announces work is complete on its new WebSnap network enhancement.  WebSnap is a combination of traffic management techniques that includes short, superfast blasts of service that snap up to circuit capacity speed.  The burst is brief—a few seconds but long enough to instantly load a webpage.  All residents at properties Read More...

Where you can find us next

Pavlov Media is going to be at the industry’s biggest trade shows for 2015.

We will demonstrate our technology at the following conferences:

·         Interface Student Housing Conference April 8-10 at the JW Marriot in Austin, TX

·         Broadband Communities Summit April 14-15 at the Renaissance Hotel in Austin, TX

We will talk about the latest developments in Wi-Fi including the release of technology Read More...

Pavlov Media Expands Chicago Colocation Facility to 10Gigabit Capability

Champaign, IL - Pavlov Media announces the company’s Chicago Colocation facility is now fully 10Gigabit capable.  The expansion from one Gigabit to 10 Gigabit capability means the company is able to offer Gigabit (1,000)Mbps and higher speeds across a broader range of the nation.

Pavlov Media now has 10 Gigabit Colocation facilities in Chicago, New York City, Atlanta,  Indianapolis, Phoenix and Bloomington, Read More...

Pavlov Media expands 10 Gigabit capacities

Pavlov Media expands 10 Gigabit capacities across nationwide network backbone.

Pavlov Media recently added 10 Gigabit capacity to its network facility location in Indianapolis. This follows earlier deployment of 10 Gigabit capacity at company facilities in the New York-New Jersey market.

The company plans additional 10Gigabit capacity rollouts in the coming months.

The increased capacity improves Pavlov

Shouting Ground Technologies joins Pavlov Media

Pavlov Media is thrilled to have Shouting Ground Technologies join our team!

Shouting Ground Technologies, often referred to as SGT, is a Champaign, IL-based company providing technology solutions for networks and computing environments.

SGT has been in business since 1995.  SGT provides cutting edge, managed, technology solutions that begin with a well-designed network and a stable, secure, computing Read More...